Digest of changes for October 2021

We are constantly working on the development and improvement of our services, but not all changes may be visible to the naked eye. To keep you informed, we will be posting a short summary of the major changes over the past month from today.

So, the main changes in October:
  • Hosting :
    • Added the ability to view PHP-FPM logs for business hosting.
    • Access logs and error logs are now grouped in two sections and displayed as tabs.
    • Added generation and display of screenshots of sites in the "My Sites" section.
    • Added the ability to change the maximum POST request size for ModSecurity in the site settings.
    • On the page with OPcache statistics, added the ability to clear the cache for individual sites.
    • Added HEIC support to ImageMagick.
    • Added the ability to delete all mailboxes in a domain at once.
    • For FTP, SSH and backups, URLs with access data are now displayed for quick connections using them using an FTP client.
  • Domains :
    • Added presets for connecting a domain to GitHub Pages and GetCourse.
    • For pre-orders, the ability to choose the method of debiting funds has been added - only from the card or first from the balance, and then from the card.
    • Added the ability to select ready-made templates for parking pages.
    • On the domain registration page, the ability to save the required zones to the lists has been added.
  • VPS:
    • Added the ability to download your OS image not only by direct link to the ISO file, but also by the link to the torrent file with it.
  • Dedicated:
    • Debian 11 has been added to the unattended OS installer.
  • Account:
    • When transferring rights, added the ability to indicate the need to transfer notes.
  • Telegram bot:
    • Added the ability to clear Memcache (d), Redis and OPcache caches.
Detailed documentation on our services and control panel can be found in wiki.
We also remind you that the "Feedback and suggestions" section is available on the main site, through which you can send us ideas for improving our services, subscribe to notifications and vote for proposals from other users.