Digest of changes for November 2021

We continue to publish a summary of the main changes over the past month.

Major changes in November:

  • Hosting :
    • For Business tariffs 16G and 32G, the value of MySQL max_user_connection increased to 400.
    • Added the ability to automatically install OkayCMS.
    • In the settings of cron tasks, you can now choose the behavior for situations when the old process has not finished yet when the time comes to start a new process.
    • In the "Load by IP" section, in the line with each address, a button is now displayed that opens an access log with a filter by this IP.
    • For MySQL on business hosting, added the ability to set the number of seconds, over which the query will be considered slow.
    • When installing an SSL certificate, added the ability to insert certificate and private key data as text.
    • Automatic CMS installation is now performed over HTTPS, if the site is accessible over this protocol. Those CMS that can define the protocol at the installation stage and use it in work will be immediately available via HTTPS without the need for additional configuration.
    • In the site settings for the HSTS header, you can now choose whether to add the includeSubDomains attribute.
    • Added the ability to block/unblock IP directly from the access log.
    • SSH keys for hosting access are now configured in personal data globally for the account.
    • In the "Hosting" section, you can now customize the display of charts and their order, plus you can enable diagrams of requests to the web server and databases.
    • Added support for PHP 8.1.
  • Domains :
    • Due to the NSDC sanctions against the registrar REG.RU, registration and renewal for the .RU and .SU zones are closed.
    • Added the ability to "delete" domains registered with us in the control panel. Such domains become grayed out and moved to the end of the domain list, and also disappear from the list of services when generating an invoice. If necessary, they can also be easily returned back.
    • Added the ability to use a web redirect for the main domain without www.
    • Thematic domains on the registration page are now categorized.
    • The domain search and registration page has been significantly optimized.
  • VPS:
    • Added the ability to create separate manual backups.
    • The tab with backups now displays the date and time of the last restoration of each of them.
    • Added the ability to connect to a VPS using the WebSSH web client built into the control panel.
    • The "VNC" tab in the "VPS" section has been renamed to "Access" and now contains all the data for connecting to the server via SSH/SFTP and VNC.
  • Storage:
  • Account:
    • For different groups of notifications, you can now enable or disable sending at night.
    • When logging into an account without a password, the email now includes the visitor's IP, country, OS, and browser.

The digest for October is available here.