Digest of changes for January 2022

Major changes in January:

  • Hosting:
    • Value of memory_limit in PHP settings is now specified manually, not selecting from list.
    • When opening Node.js settings page, system now automatically checks section engine in file package.json and displays a notification if the specified version of Node.js does not match the version on server.
    • In the mailbox settings, you can now set volume limits.
    • Added console utility htop.
  • Domains:
    • When adding address records in domain settings, you can now choose whether to add a similar record for the www subdomain.
    • When applying for a transfer for Ukrainian domains, the data of the account and contacts of the domain are now displayed for verification.
  • Account:
    • On the verification page, the ability to take photos with a webcam has been added.
  • API:
    • Added method to obtain information about the resources consumed by the hosting account.
  • Wiki:
    • Added article "Getting started" with links to instructions that may be useful to novice users.
    • Added instruction troubleshooting "Site is not configured on server".
    • In article about VPS backups added information on working with downloaded images.
    • Added instruction to create a database copy.

In addition, we successfully passed PCI DSS recertification. All systems and processes of the company fully comply with the security standards of international payment systems Visa and MasterCard.

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