Digest of changes for November 2022

Main changes in 🌨 November:

  • ☁️ Hosting:
    • In the list of ordered extra services for each of the dedicated IPs, the sites to which they are connected are now displayed. By clicking on the name of the site, you can quickly go to its settings.
    • Optimized work with large logs, downloading logs now starts instantly.
    • Added the ability to block specific URLs in site access restrictions.
    • PHP profiler reports can now only be viewed if the profile log size is less than 100 MB.
    • In the database import form, additional import methods have been added: from another database of any of the available hosting accounts and from an external server.
    • To connect via SSH, you no longer need to add IP addresses to the allowed list. The system now automatically monitors the dynamics of connections and makes a decision on blocking.
    • In the SSH access data, added the output of a ready-made command to connect via SSH from the console.
    • Locales for European and Arabic languages have been added on the servers.
    • The new WebMail has been renamed to WebMail.Online.
    • Added dark theme for WebMail.Online interface.
    • Instead of links to WebMail in the "Mailboxes" section, a menu is now displayed where you can select classic WebMail or WebMail.Online.
    • The mailbox password change page for users is now hosted on the WebMail.Online domain.
  • 🌎 Domains:
    • Added support for domain names in Thai.
  • 📦 Storage:
    • It is no longer possible to create separate containers inside storages, now each storage itself is a container.
    • Added a tab with disk space usage statistics.
  • 💰 Payment:
    • The ability to enable auto-renewal of services from binded bank cards has been restored.
  • 📖 Wiki:
    • Redesigned article with a description of setting up restrictions on access to the site, a description of restricting access to the URL has been added.
    • Redesigned instruction on importing a database through the control panel, added a description of importing from an available hosting account and an external server.
    • Added article with a description of how to view information about sizes and inodes using the file manager.
    • Added article with a brief description of WebMail.Online.
    • Redesigned and simplified instruction by deployment using GitHub Actions.

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